Pains Of Young Love

August 29, 2008

Loving at a young age below 18 is well painful in almost every way 1 out of a million of these relationships turn out to be good it just brings pain. Although i’m only 16 i have relationships but i don’t count on that it would turn out until I’m like 25 or somethin like that

WYD TOPICS:get addicted but don’t love it it’s just like young love ^_^

someday WYD will close

someday you’ll grow bored

someday you’ll quit

Play the game,

Become and addict

But don’t devote your life to it

that’s all a simple blog page because i need to unload hehehehe


Hello world!

July 31, 2008

WYD Global!(1st update)

The game that i have been playing for almost 1 year now

I have been very addictive to it the knowledge you need to learn and have learned

You will need every little thing grasp it and take it all

This is my blog i offer to WYD Global the game that has changed my life

The game basically give something to us

It gives us a factor

A factor that makes it a game for every single on of us

The game offers the C.C. system

The PK system

And the thing that keeps the game alive the guild system

Guilds are divided in 2

Academies and Player made guilds

The academies for noobs

The player made guild for the elite and pro

Academies that help each other

The strong guild also help each other

But they fight one another for honor

But the thing that makes the game go around

Is money

Guild fight for towns

Towns with huge taxes for there weekly salaries

And others join just for the sake of being in a guild

Brief idea of guilds kekeke ^_^


Killing each other seems bad or is bad in real life

But in game killing is fun!

Guild wars Server wars Tournaments

Or maybe even just old plain wars!

Sport is pk to us WYDians

There is a system to make us stop killing called

The Chaos System and also when were killed

Our we need to regain exp back

Armia Azran the whole damn SF

A desert all for pk

The game designed PK to be a normal hobby

If you don’t pk you are called by other players

As a noob but don’t listen

It’s still you destiny!!!!

Choose Your Destiny!…..

well ^_^

brief comment about pk ^_^